Australians For Peace: World Peace Day ’15 – Wishing Trees For Peace in Melbourne



Aust for peace trees

Wishing Trees for Peace

Australians for Peace are proud to present their ‘Wishing Trees Peace’ to commemorate the UN International Day of Peace. Set in the heart of Melbourne at City Square on Monday, September 21, olive trees will line the square and Australians For Peace (A4P) extends an invitation to the people of Melbourne to write their messages of peace on shipping tags, which will adorn the trees. Each tag will be stamped with a unique Peace Duck drawn by our own Melbourne icon Michael Leunig.

The event begins at 12 midday when the city bells of Melbourne will ring to commemorate World Peace day and will be opened by Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne Susan Riley. There will also be acoustic performances at this carbon neutral and family friendly event.

Trees have historically been used as objects for wishes throughout the ages worldwide and across many cultures and have even been identified as possessing special spiritual values. The olive tree was chosen because its branches have been a symbol of peace since 5th century BC and ancient Greeks believed that it drove away evil spirits.

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