Oneness Festival Worldwide Australia & New Zealand Event – Adelaide, Australia

 Oneness Festival worldwide

Bookings are now open and excitement is building for the Oneness Festival Worldwide, Australia & New Zealand at the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide South Australia on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th September.

Our magnificent, world-class spiritual musicians Sacred Earth / Carmella Baynie / Daniel Bellone / Sundar are now booked for the event and will be playing live on stage through the weekend.

The weekend is built around Oneness Meditations, Oneness Blessings, wonderful spiritual music, fun, dance and celebration. There will be 8, yes 8, OMers (Oneness Meditators) from Australia and New Zealand together on stage – joining the two of us (Lisa and Pasquo) will be Theo and Jane and Aarn from New Zealand, Isha from Perth and Janet and Bob from the Gold Coast.

The program will be linked up and webcast to the world – plus you will see on the big screen what is happening in the rest of the Oneness world – highlighted by a live webcast meditation with Sri Bhagavan on the Sunday.  This will be an historical international Oneness event –  – one of those milestone Oneness events that people will talk about for ages.  As we say, excitement is running high and people are making arrangements for travelling from all over Australia and New Zealand. You should be there.

So please book your airfares or train or bus early. The program goes from 9:00am to 6:00pm both days (i.e. Sat 26th Sep & Sun 27th Sep). For accommodation options we suggest you go to one of the online hotel booking sites such as 

As the event is at the Adelaide Convention Centre which is on North Terrace in the CBD, it means that any hotel within the CBD is within walking distance although some of the hotels on North Terrace itself are literally across the road.

Plus the tram which runs all the way along King William Street drops you at the door of the Convention Centre (Tram Stop ‘City West’). The tram actually runs all the way from Glenelg (on the beach) so even accommodation in Glenelg is possible if you would enjoy a tram ride (of about 40 mins) into the city each day. For the tram map and timetable go to  Please note: in your planning do not mistake the Adelaide Convention Centre for the Adelaide Entertainment Centre!! You want the Adelaide Convention Centre on North Terrace.

So get ready! Everyone is welcome to join this celebration of Life, Love and Spirit. To register and pay and reserve your place at the event just click here  The address and other details are also to be found at the Sticky Tickets booking site.

We look forward to welcoming you to this memorable celebration of all things Oneness.

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