Dharamsala Insight Tour, Tibet – ex Australia


Daramsala insight tour


Dharamsala Insight Tour 2015
31st October – 14th November


Embark on this emotional and inspiring journey to the heart of the Tibetan community in exile. Join our Dharamsala Insight Tour 2015 from 31st October to 14th November 2015 and immerse yourself in the Tibetan cultural and political life.In November 2014, 25 ATC supporters travelled to Dharamsala in northern India on our two Dharamsala Insight Tours. Both groups spent 10 days in the Tibetan exile capital, meeting with activists, artists, children, community leaders and former political prisoners. They returned with a much deeper understanding of the issues and a renewed sense of hope that the future for Tibet is in capable and dedicated hands.On the 2015 Insight tour, you’ll hear the tragic stories of life in Tibet from newly-arrived refugees, witness the enduring strength of the Tibetan struggle during visits to the various cultural and political establishments, and hear from young and passionate activists from Tibetan NGOs about their dreams of a future Tibet.Our Dharamsala Insight tours are so popular that in 2014 our first tour sold out and, for the first time, we organised a second group.


We have now finalising plans for the 2015 trip. Interested? Here are some highlights:

Dharamsala Insight has been designed specifically for those who are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the situation in Tibet and an “insiders” view into the exiled Tibetan community in Dharamsala.

FOR FULL INFORMATION, please call Paul on 0419 420 526 or email insight@atc.org.au


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