‘The Way of the Boddhisatva’: Pilgrimage to Ladakh – ex Australia



Thuksey Rinpoche face

Thuksey Rinpoche is one of the most eminent teachers in Tibetan Buddhism. Thuksey is a lineage of reincarnations of the great teacher of Nalanda Monastery in India, Naropa, who lived from 1016-1100 AD. Nalanda Monastery was the great psycho-spiritual University of India from where Buddhism spread through much of Asia via its masterful teachers and brought the second wave of Buddhism to Tibet. It was at Nalanda that Naropa was thoroughly schooled in Sutra and Tantra, becoming one of the universities great teachers. But it is through Thuksey Rinpochethe ascetic yogic practices that Naropa gained his spiritual vigour and became famous for; “The Six Yogas of Naropa”.

One day during meditation a dakini (literally “sky goer”, a female spiritual being the equivalent of nature spirit or angel), appeared to Naropa and told him of her brother Tilopa. On hearing this name Naropa knew he must find this person to be his new spiritual guide. Naropa went to great lengths to search out the human spiritual master Tilopa. Studying and meditating with his new master Tilopa, Naropa gained full realisation.

Images above: top right, current Thuksey Rinpoche; above left, Andrew Harvey and Thuksey Rinpoche in Ladakh 2014; bottom left, group photo from 2014.







Images below: left, Tilopa (989-1069 AD); right Naropa (1016-1100 AD)

The being that was Naropa, reincarnated in Tibet and became the great and dearly beloved Drukpa Kagyu master Thuksey Rinpoche. When China invaded Tibet, Thuksey Rinpoche escaped to Ladakh where he was warmly greeted by the Ladakhi monastic and lay community alike. In his time in Ladakh he would become the Buddhist countries equivalent of the Dalai Lama in terms of the love and reverence in which he was held.

Andrew Harvey at the age of 29, travelled to the then very remote Ladakh and met the great master, who recognised in the young Oxford professor a man with a great intellect and enquiring mind and certainly a spiritual companion from lives gone by. There was an instant chemistry between them and in the years before Thuksey Rinpoche passed over he imparted enough wisdom and Buddha-mind to shape the next 30 years of Andrew’s life.

In September 2014, rather emotionally, Andrew returned to Ladakh, 30 years after his last visit to Ladakh to farewell his dying teacher. This time Andrew came to meet his old masters successor, the new incarnation of Thuksey Rinpoche, to continue their sacred friendship. For the new incarnation Andrew has become father-guide to Thuksey Rinpoche, imparting to him his wisdom in the ways of the modern world.

In August 2015, Andrew once more returns to Ladakh this time to create a documentary and teach alongside Thuksey Rinpoche on the Way of the Bodhisattva, the ultimate path of the Buddha’s teaching to live ones life in service for all life everywhere and as a by product of this gift one is working towards ultimate realisation, the same realisation that Naropa and now Thuksey Rinpoche has achieved life after life.

This is a rare opportunity to sit and be instructed, in the most intimate of settings, by one of the world’s great Buddhist masters and Andrew Harvey, a pan religious genius and one of the western world’s foremost spiritual teachers.

For more information on this pilgrimage see: http://transformationaltours.com.au/2015ladakh/

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