Kirtana in Concert – Australian & New Zealand Tour



Kirtana, a US-based singer/songwriter, returns to Australia and New Zealand this April and May to share her contemporary, sacred songs in a series of concerts, and for the first time offering a residential retreat. Described as a ‘brilliant poet, marvellous songwriter and lovely guitarist’, Kirtana’s music conveys the all-permeating truth and love that exists within and surrounds us all. In her own words, the best description for both her music and her purpose in sharing it is to “celebrate divine love and the truth of who we are.”

Enchanted with Australia on her inaugural tour 2 years ago, Kirtana in turn captured the hearts of her Australian audiences with her soft, sacred tunes and insightful reflections. Kirtana began playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 11. Her 1997 meeting with her beloved teacher Gangaji proved to be a pivotal moment in Kirtana’s life with her music expressing the love and self-recognition sparked by that life-altering encounter. Since then Kirtana’s music has been an ever-deepening expression of ‘falling into Self’.

Her concerts provide guests with an experience of deep, quieting, reflective moments, lightened by her witty, wry humor, and an ever-deepening exploration of the truth that lies within us all.

Visit for more information.

“It’s nice sometimes to hear the same teaching in slightly different words expressed again…listening to (Kirtana’s music) is a beautiful meditation in itself.”  Eckhart Tolle

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