‘Intervention and Reconciliation’: A Lenten Study Series – Adelaide, Australia


Reconciliation 2

Date/Time: Dates: Thu 19/02/2015 – Thu 26/03/2015 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Location: Effective Living Centr, 26 King William Road, Wayville  South Australia 5034

Program: Progressive Christianity Network

A theological and sociological reflection on intervention and reconciliation in the light of the Easter story – led by Rev Dr Jonathan Barker.

Jonathan-Barker-200x300The series will address the following questions.

Are there truly effective ways to act for the good of others?
In recent times Federal Governments have assumed that they can intervene for the good of Indigenous peoples and fix their problems.
How so?

What are the gifts and limitations of our rich religious heritage?
Traditional metaphors about reconciliation (atonement) have lost currency for many.
How relevant are these metaphors and is there a theological model that best undergirds the ministry of reconciliation for our times?

How do we comprehend God in the reconciliation process?
In what sense can we talk about Divine intervention?
How does the whole ministry of Jesus and our experience of the Christ event inform our experience and practice of reconciliation now?

Given personal responsibility, how do we understand sin and evil in a world of corporate greed, exploitation and victimisation?
Certain social groups and people are named as evil in the popular press.
Is it true that good and evil is an either/or?
Can we unmask destructive powers, to bring healing and create reconciliation?

How does reconciliation happen in practice?
Forgiveness is essential to reconciliation, peace-making and justice.
What are the practical steps to bring about Reconciliation?


  • 19 February
    Evaluating intervention for good or ill
  • 26February
    Reflecting on the meaning of “for others” in society and our religious heritage
  • 5 March
    Re-examining the best and the worst of atonement “theories”
  • 12 March
    Re-imagining the divine-human response to sin, evil and destructive powers
  • 19 March
    Exploring the dynamics of intervention and reconciliation
  • 26 March
    Practicing Reconciliation


Bookings can be made online or by email or by phoning the Effective Living Centre on 8271 0329
Cost is $30 for the series. A day-time option might also be possible. Please contact us to let us know of your interest.


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