National Multicultural Festival – Canberra, Australia


Nat Multi fest banner

photo NMF Can

National Multicultural Festival Canberra – 13-15 February 2015

We embrace the fact that our city is one that is built on a firm foundation of multiculturalism. In fact, it’s what defines us. Canberra is Australia’s seat of democracy. We are home to more than 100 embassies and high commissions. We are a community comprised of individuals who hail from over 170 Nat Mult Fest Pasifikacountries from across the globe.

During the 2014 festival more than 250,000 people flocked to the heart of the city to revel in Canberra’s love affair with its cultural diversity.

Junior Pasifika is a group formed under the ANU Pasifika Australia program which promotes higher education and raises aspiration to high school and college students of Pacific Island descent. Junior Pasifika are a group of high school and college students that Pasifika Australia have been working with throughout these past years.

The Food and Dance Spectacular ignites the city centre in a colourful swirl of Canberra's Multicultural Festival 2014cuisines and cultural performances from across the globe. This includes delicious delights such as Dutch pancakes, Thai curries, South African sausages, Spanish paella and an array of meats on a stick! Hungry yet?

All stalls and entertainment in the Latin American Quarters have a spicy kick, showcasing a culture filled with vibrancy, colour, panache and, of course, fun. The zone features dance, culture and cuisines of countries such as Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and Paraguay, as well as the annual Carnival parade and Bombay Royale.

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