Multifaith Internship For Young Leaders With Interaction – Melbourne, Australia


Multifaith Internship Interaction

We are less than 4 weeks away from the launch of our Multifaith Internship – our new flagship training program for young leaders. The 3 month training internship provides emerging young leaders from diverse faith backgrounds the opportunity to collaborate, dream, design and implement social action projects.  Your social action projects could include such things as a community food van or  mentoring disadvantaged kids – but the possibilities are endless! As well as receiving training and professional development  from us, you’ll be part of a team of people just like you.  The internship aims to connect, create and empower young people to build a more just, sustainable and compassionate world, reaffirming our shared values.

We launch the internship with a 3 day retreat to help you learn about religious diversity, shared values, the power of communication and how to be a peacebuilder within your community.  The crown in the jewel is the 3 day camp our interns will go on from July 1st– 3rd 2015 which is going to be about as much fun you can possibly have standing up. There are spots still available, so jump on the internship page and have a look. The cost of the program is fully funded, including accommodation and food, but we require you to invest your time, passion & commitment to make the program a success!

Download the Application Form and sign-up for your internship with InterAction! Or email or call Freeman on 0431034254.


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