‘Reconnecting Gondwana’: A Gathering of Ancient Cultures at Uluru, Australia

Reconnecting Gondwana

A Gathering of Ancient Cultures at Uluru: Thur 6th – Fri 12th November 2014

Presented by Sacred Site Travel, the Reconnecting Gondwana conference offers the opportunity to connect with elders and wisdom keepers from ancient cultures around the world who have come together to share their common wisdoms of connection and caring for the Earth.Attendees will enjoy a 5 day cultural exchange with presenters, Tjilpi Bob Randall (Australia), Silvia Calisaya (Peru), Geshe Sonam Thargye (Tibet), Kiri Dewes (New Zealand) and Tor Webster (UK). They will share stories from their cultures and traditions in a one day conference and will be on hand throughout the week for blessings, healings, readings or one on one conversations about them and their culture.

For more information see: http://www.travellersamulet.com.au/sacred-site-travel.html



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