‘Sacred Spirit Uniting Hearts’ Multifaith Celebration – Sydney, Australia


Multifaith chapel by sea

Multifaith Celebration: Chapel By The Sea, Bondi Beach, 7pm, Sunday 28 September 2014. Free Entry

You are all welcome to join this rich & harmonious experience, giving you a taste of the beauty of world cultures and faiths. Our Chapel’s mission is “Creating Community for Good” and our interfaith celebration brings various religious & spiritual communities together to promote unity. It will feature music, poetry and prayer led by people of different faiths.

For more information see: http://www.chapelbythesea.org.au/  Or Telephone: 02 9130 3445

Adrian Heath uses his music and explores the fascinating space between sound, the body and the soul.

Prabhu’s music is vibrant and colourful, yet at the same time it is calming, centering. hypnotic and soul touching.

Daniel Prypchan  has a reputation for introducing a spiritual element to his soulful performances.

Chris Busck’s stories will draw on his experience of being on a spiritual path on his life journey.

Louise Charman, is a writer, teacher and sound healer who loves chanting as a deep connection to the Divine.

Freya Lindblom has been performing in the local community for years as a singer, her vocal style will delight.

Graham Jacups one of Sydney’s most colourful characters, his violin playing will charm you on the evening.
Shaykh Khaled Zreika will open with his exquisite recitation of Call to Prayer.

Dayshakti Geeti immerses herself deeply in the practice of Kirtan will lead us in devotional chanting.

Dr Ben Zion Weiss
a social ecologist
and practicing Sufi,
will sing traditional
Hebrew prayers.

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