Sacred Healing Retreat with Grandmother Jennifer Thompson & Andrew Harvey – North Coast NSW, Australia




Andrew Harvey and Grandmother Jennifer Thompson will lead the Sacred Healing Retreat this October – a retreat deep in the volcanic power and beauty of the New South Wales / Queensland border. This retreat is deigned to create an inner shake-up to align the participants with the core of their unshakable truth.

Grandmother Jenny is a truly accomplished Aboriginal healer with a direct connection to her ancestors who offer deep insight into the core of unresolved trauma. She focuses much of her healing circle and session on helping people connect with and acknowledge their ancestors and move through deep emotional pain. Part cuddly Grandmother, part psychic surgeon, Jenny hones in on an individual’s issues with unerring accuracy and a deep loving presence. Jenny holds many formal qualifications in the field of health and healing but more significantly, she holds the power of her Aboriginal and African shamanic lineages.

Andrew Harvey is a modern mystic with razor sharp insight, having undergone many profound personal healing journeys. Andrew has led workshops around the world with his greatest focus in creating a personal connection with the Divine for healing, insight and sacred activism. Andrew has studied intensively in each of the major mystical traditions of the world and is excited to return to the shamanic roots of spirituality for this most powerful of healing retreats. Andrew and Jenny have great mutual admiration and work together seamlessly. This retreat is not about theory but diving deep into the core of your own personal healing journey so that you may deliver up so much more of yourself as a gift to your community and the world.

Dates: 10-14 October 2014 at the beautiful Tyalgum Ridge Retreat

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