Interfaith Event: ‘REthinking Critical & Creative Religious Education’ – Brian Poxon Australian Professional Development Workshop Tour


Creative RE


REthinking Critical & Creative Religious Education: Exploring rigorous, philosophical and creative thinking in the RE classroom

Our students ask searching existential questions, yet rarely look for answers within faith traditions.  How do Religious Education teachers share the insights of the great faiths in relevant, creative and engaging ways?

This full day workshop will explore ways of making religious concepts accessible and meaningful to students. It will model units of work that are academically rigorous and existentially relevant to the deep concerns of our students. This is an important Professional Development workshop for teachers and Chaplains, and of particular relevance to those looking to develop interesting and rigorous RE programs for students in years 7–10 (although the material presented can be adapted up or down).


Brian Poxon is the Head of Philosophical, Religious and Ethical Perspectives and also leads the Social and Emotional Learning Program at Wesley College, Perth. Brian has a First Class degree in Theology and Religious Studies and a Masters in Holocaust Theology, both from Bristol University in the UK.  Brian has led Religious Education and Philosophy departments in the UK and Australia, been an examiner in both countries, and acted as Mentor to trainee teachers on the Bristol University PGCE course.  Having written four A Level Revision Guides and recently acted as the External Reviewer for the VCE Philosophy Study Guide, Brian’s passion and skill is developing robust, engaging and academically challenging RE in the classroom.  As well as writing on this theme, he has spoken at several RE conferences in the UK and Australia (memorably at the 2011 DAN Conference). Brian sees himself as much a fellow pilgrim as a presenter, and values critical engagement with teachers and students.

‘Brian Poxon is a highly experienced teacher who inspires and encourages. He is an innovator whose creative approach sharpens understanding and increases motivation.’  Peter Baron – Educator, Author, Founder

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