Interspiritual Event: ‘Gathering the Changemakers’ – Sydney, Australia


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‘Gathering the Changemakers’: a day of connection, inspiration, talk, story and song

Sat 5th July 10am-4.30pm

Join a gathering of changemakers and visionaries from different faith backgrounds for conversations of transformation and growth. Real people sharing authentically about the joys, challenges and nitty gritty of conscious living in 2014. You will hear stories of big hearts leading extraordinary lives – people pushing the boundaries as they wake up to living consciously and successfully in the modern world. You will gain insights into the power of living a life on purpose and gain insights into making it in the ‘real’ world when you have one foot in the ‘other’ world.

Featuring Robert Kirby, Danielle Lehrer, Julio De Laffitte, Nick Fury, Jutka Freiman, Dean Carey, Stacey Huish + others.

Big Hearts/Extraordinary Lives One Day Event
Saturday 5th July 10.00am ~ 4.30pm
Price: $75
To book visit:

Venue: Actor’s Centre Australia
Piazza Level G The Italian Forum
23 Norton Street, Leichhardt, Sydney

For more information see


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