Interfaith Event: Second Lecture Series on Sufism – Sydney, Australia


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Islamic Spirituality (Sufism)

Lecture Series II

The Australian Centre for Sufism and Irfanic Studies (ACSIS) is running a series of educational lectures on Islamic Spirituality (Sufism). Our second set of lectures in this educational series is a continuation of the recorded lectures from Professor Seyyed Hossein Nasr at George Washington University.

In this second set of lectures Professor Nasr moves his attention from the doctrine of Sufism to the methods of Sufism and will be focusing on important theoretical aspects of method such as:

–  the nature of the obstacles of the mind

–  concentration, meditation and zikr

–  the development of virtues

–  the role that the inner virtues have in weakening the ego self/nafs

We are privileged to have been allowed to use these audio recordings at ACSIS so that people in Australia can have the experience as though they are sitting in the classroom with Professor Nasr as he lectures on Sufism. This is a rare opportunity to learn from such a distinguished scholar as Professor Nasr, a world renowned authority on Islamic Spirituality. Many students travel from all over the world to study with Professor Nasr to learn about Islamic Spirituality and many of the contemporary scholars and teachers of Islamic Philosophy and Sufism have been students of Professor Nasr – he is known as  “the teacher of the teachers”.

Heikha Fleur Nassery Bonnin will be present providing further spiritual insight and understanding into this important spiritual work.

Details of Lecture Series II:

Dates:         Over four consecutive Fridays –13, 20, 27 June and 4 July 2014

Times:        7.00pm to 8.30pm / 8:45pm as required

Location:    North Sydney (venue to be advised)

Cost:           $200.00  –  Concessions $180.00 (proof of concession required)

To Book:    Go to Bookings

Please note it is not a pre-requisite to have attended Lecture Series I to attend Lecture Series II. Registration closes Monday 30 May 2014.  Please book early to secure your place.

For further information please contact The Australian Centre for Sufism and Irfanic Studies on (02) 9955 SUFI (7834) or email


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