Interfaith Event: Wisdom Keepers’ Retreats, Deep Amazon & Three Worlds Pilgrimages – ex Australia


Earth Spirit Yoga


Peru: 16th-26th May 

(2nd Retreat: 15th-25th Sept)

Peru & Bolivia: 16th May-6th June 

(2nd Retreat: 15th Sept-9th Oct)

Earth Spirit Yoga has successfully facilitated powerful transformational retreats in South America for almost a decade, creating focussed, profound and life changing spiritual journeys.

  • Experience healing and transformation.
  • Journey with powerful mystics to stunning sacred sites.
  • Experience authentic shamans in the Amazon Jungle and Inka Wisdom Keepers in ancient temples.
  • Explore the magic of the deep Amazon Jungle, the energy of the majestic Andes and the wonder and magnificence of Lake Titicaca with powerful mystics of Peru.

We encourage you to come and experience the potency of these ceremonies and truly become all you can be. The ceremonies in the retreats are held under the safety and guidance of our local Amazonian Maestro (Plant Doctor). He comes from an impeccable lineage of plant doctors in Peru and with his more than 40 years of experience is a well known and highly regarded Jaguar Shaman. You will have the opportunity to journey deeply in a safe and comfortable environment with our shaman and the support of Tanya and Gerard.

For detailed information on the tours, please contact Tanya Adams or visit  

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