Interfaith Event: ‘Voices of Sacred Earth’, Eco Festival & Conference – Kawai Purapura, New Zealand



Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival 2014 – 21-23 February 2014

 The Eco-Vision

To raise ourselves up into a global consciousness that recognises the earth as a living, intelligent organism. This is the challenge and this is our vision.

We are in a time of major global change and crisis. Only by experiencing our intimate connectedness with the earth – through playing as her wildly creative impulses, through feeling the interbeing of all animals and plants – through knowing ourselves as the earth,  may we  transform our understanding of what life is, and what is of real value.  We will not have the resources to restore the balance of ecosystems on the planet without this fundamental change in consciousness, without a shift in priorities, without this new birth.

“Learning from nature to heal ourselves”

 This festival is an opportunity to love with your hands, your body, your voice, your mind. This is a rare time and place: “Kawai Purapura” recognize the past and future in the present.This second sacred earth eco-festival is an opportunity to investigate, explore, and to breathe into the whole of life:

  • See what others are doing in the arena of sustainable culture
  • Touch the creative impulse within
  • Create eddies and vortices with wisdom walkers from around the world
  • Be healed by healers, reconnected by artists, musicians and crafts people
  • Dance with people who have found a way to connect beyond the ordinary and touch the earth

Free Eco-Sustainability Festival – Hootons Reserve, Albany on festival weekend:

  • Learn practical ways to create eco-sustainable lifestyles – incorporate new eco-technologies into your daily life.
  • Instigate immediate environmental repair.
  • Stalls, seminars, workshops and interactive displays with leading environmental organisations.
  • Gather information for change, from home insulation, composting, building with local materials, forest and bird protection and superfoods.

The Eco-Weekend

Over 100 workshops and seminars!Featuring 90-minute immersions into eco in all its flavours with wisdom walkers, musicians, healers, craftworkers, dancers, eco-activists, people who care.

Friday night concert. Door sales available or free with Festival tickets. The festival begins with a fire ceremony on “The Plains”, followed by an evening of international indigenous music featuring Sika – World Tribal Music – Kailash –Healing Soundscapes, and Georgia – I Wish U Heaven: the sacred songs of Prince Rogers Nelson.

Saturday night begins with Barry Brailsford, loved and acclaimed historian of the wisdom traditions of indigenous Pacific peoples, presenting Song of the Ages.  This is followed by the celebrated New Zealand documentary, Water Whisperers, which  exploring the work of ten communities healing damaged waterways. Mike O’Donnell, celebrated waterman and story teller, continues the water theme with his waterman performance. This is a prelude to the stream cleanup on Sunday. The evening finishes with Trance Dance Music with DJ Anirvan. Saturday night also features an Interactive Mayan Sacred Theatre with Vasumi  followed Voices of Sacred Earth Choir and Dance led by Jyoshna la Trobe. Tribal Fusion Dance music and poetry led by Zane Lazos and Gus Simonovic is followed by an open to all, drumming circle with Jimi Dale, plus the Kawai Purapura “Festival Experience”: accommodation – marae style, camping and limited twin share wholesome food and smoothies, plus indigenous food knowledge and cooking skills, fun for the whole family with special childrens’ activities.

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