Interfaith Event: Wisdom Keepers of Peru Australian Tour


Wisdom Keepers Tour March 2014

Earth Spirit Yoga presents, for the second time in Australia, Q’ero shaman Basilio Samata Apaza. Basilio is a traditional Q’ero shaman, a keeper of the ancient Inka tradition and evolutionary prophecies.

The Q’ero are known as the children of Inti (the Sun), the direct descendants of the Inka and their wisdom & ceremonies create a profound shift in consciousness. Basilio is a direct descendant of the Spiritual Inka. His teachings and ceremonial experiences are based on the expression of Munay, the Quechua word for powerful, deep, compassionate love.

Basilio will be offering evening presentations in Andean wisdom and Despacho Ceremony in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and a 5 day non-residential retreat (offering Despacho and the Karpay Rites) in Byron Bay. Private sessions with Basilio will also be offered in each location (information below)  Some traditional Q’ero products will be available for purchase (cash only) at these events.

The Despacho ceremony connects us with all the elements of our world embodying our dreams, prayers, intentions and gratitude. The Karpay rites, the origin of the well known ‘Munay Ki’, are energetic transmissions connecting us to the lineage of the Q’ero and a doorway to sacred power and purpose. These Rites will be performed in their pure form by Basilio. These are transformative transmissions of energy that inspirit us all to be potent Earth keepers and empower us for this evolutionary time and as we dream in a new paradigm.

We look forward to sharing time with you in 2014 with this incredible Q’ero Wisdom Keeper from the unbroken lineage of the Spiritual Inka.  Hatun Munay ~ (Great Love) Earth Spirit Yoga

The Power & Mystery of the ancient Andean Ceremonies.   Evening Presentations with Ceremony & a Non- Residential Retreat

Brisbane • Sydney • Melbourne • Byron Bay

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