Interfaith Event: Interfaith Cafe & Sikh Langar – Brisbane, Australia


Sikh Langar WIHW 2014

Interfaith Cafe and Sikh Langar

This event held at the Aspley Uniting Church, Aspley, Brisbane, Australia, is unique in the sense that a local suburban Christian Church and a local Sikh community are combining to organise an interfaith evening with the theme: “Mission in World Religions”.

The meal will be provided by the Sikh community and served in the spirit of traditional Langar hospitality. Internationally recognised scholars from different religions will be filmed being interviewed about their views on the theme.. This filming will form the basis for the production of YouTube clips for posting on our website.

This event will be the first public event in a two day (11th, 12th Feb. 2014) series of academic forums/seminars focussed on the scholars preparation of material for the publication of a book entitled “Mission in World Religions” to be edited by Dr Aaron Ghiloni. (

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, Lecture/Seminar,

Contact North Brisbane Interfaith Group email: Tel: 6 7 3263 8068

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