Interspiritual Event: ‘True Awakening’ Retreat with Robyn Collins – Bali, 2014



True Awakening IS true freedom, true love, true peace…

the truth of your heart and soul

BALI – APRIL 28TH – MAY 5TH 2014

A True Awakening Retreat is a deep and mystical response to the call of your heart and soul. There will come a time in life when all those on the spiritual path will experience a deep desire that beckons us to travel further into the reality and the Truth of Being. When you attend a True Awakening Bali Retreat you will step directly into new vibration of your own divine presence.

Attend a True Awakening Retreat and you’ll return home a ‘new’ person who knows you are an infinite being with infinite potential. Experience deep inner peace , spiritual clarity and manifest a life of love and abundance.

Picture yourself in an emerald green Shangri-La- earth’s ultimate paradise in the magical “Island of the Gods”. As we open to the discovery of a profound healing experience of the Soul in the ‘True Awakening’ we also receive the blessings of this spiritual paradise. On “True Awakening” Bali Retreats we deeply rest, relax, refresh, and experience full conscious awakening in the healing balm of Ubud.

The inhabitants of this heavenly island are said to be the most loving and spiritual people on earth. And as we immerse ourselves in this deeply devotional culture, we will find our own slice of paradise within our heart and soul. Experience a week of relaxation, tranquility, meditation, healing and fun. The 2014 True Awakening Bali Retreat includes :

  • 8 nights Accommodation
  • Airport to Retreat Centre (and return) air conditioned tour transfers
  • Group arrival dinner with beautiful & dynamic traditional Balinese entertainment
  • All breakfasts
  • Daily “True Awakening” Meditation, philosophy, practices, discussion, dialogue & meetings
  • Experience the freedom and fun of “Soul Transcend-Dance”
  • Cultivate awareness, presence, and stillness through conscious movement healing
  • Day tour to Sacred Temples – Ganung Kawi and Tampak Siring participating in Blessing rituals, water cleansing (prayer) ceremony and then onto a group buffet lunch overlooking the majestic Kintamani Volcano.
  • Learn about the Balinese culture and participate in Temple Blessings with spiritual guide ‘Wayan’.
  • Monkey Forest (entry and transfer)
  • Group farewell celebration and dinner
  • Plenty of free time to shop & spoil yourself with amazing massages!
  • (Flights NOT included) but we will help you organise the best flights possible for an easy trip!

“Robyn masterfully guides you on your journey into discovery of your soul and the true essence of your being. Deceptively simple yet, penetrating your core, to unlocking your soul to a natural awakening. The clarity, peace, groundedness and stillness achieved from the retreat is something I have not achieved before from the other modalities I have tried. It’s just the ticket to creating stillness in ones life. Pure bliss.” – Peter NSW

Spiritual enlightenment cannot simply be learned, but must instead be experienced through exploration of one’s mind and self inquiry. Robyn gently guides participants into the direct experience of  ‘Awakening’ into the true nature of Universal Consciousness with love, wisdom and authentic, ordinary fun!

On this enchanted island, civilization lives in total harmony with nature and with the supernatural, supporting you with the opportunity to strengthen, develop and immerse into your own spiritual awakening. Just breathing the air of Bali is enough to expand minds and open hearts. Here, stunning beauty and profound spirituality blend to create harmony, health, and well-being. Once you experience the transformative powers of Bali, you will never be the same.

Robyn shares the miracle of ‘True Awakening’ – the modern art, science & psychology of stillness & soul. Her satsang meetings hold the core thread message of the love and freedom of the true nature of the soul that runs through all world religions. Her message is a refined, simple and a direct communication of modern day spiritual guidance that comes from 20 years of intense study and training in Tibetan & Zen Buddhism, Reiki, Kriya Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, traditional Aramaic Christianity, metaphysics, neuroscience, quantum physics, Tao Te Ching , shamanism, sociology & transpersonal psychology.

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