Interfaith Event: Retreat in a Day: ‘Creativity and Confidence’ – Auckland, New Zealand


Retreat in a Day

In the inspirational company of writer and retreat leader Dr Stephanie Dowrick, you will have a superb chance to move into 2014 with renewed energy, resolution and a full and hopeful heart. In what has become a favourite way to start the year, Stephanie Dowrick will offer ample time in this one-day workshop for teaching, reflecting and discussion. Her emphasis this year is on “Creativity and Confidence”. “Creativity” in this instance means responding to life freshly, with energy, hope and spirit. This depth of enthusiasm is needed across all areas of our lives. When we have it, our confidence very naturally increases, no matter what our external challenges. This is a day that is highly recommended for professional as well as personal development.

“Stephanie Dowrick is unashamed to make a stand for wonder and the incredible gift of living. Like so many thinkers before her, she recognises that until we respect ourselves and begin to reflect this respect in our behaviour toward others, we are diminished as individuals and as a society.” Walter Mason.

“Stephanie Dowrick is an extraordinary facilitator with an uncanny ability to pull a disparate group into a cohesive and comfortable state from the word ‘go’. We all thrived under her tutelage.” Judith White (Writing in Kyoto, 2012)

“This retreat has been a deep refreshment for my ‘parched’ soul…With all the support and love offered here, I have begun to feel life entering once again into my body, my soul and my spirit. ” Judith S-H (Easter, Mana, 2013)

About Stephanie Dowrick, PhD

New Zealand-born Stephanie Dowrick has been a highly accessible and influential writer since the original publication of her best-selling classic, Intimacy and Solitude. Through her books, articles, retreats and teaching she has changed countless lives for the better, offering people a psychological and spiritual depth that makes life feel safer, as well as more interesting and meaningful. Her particular skill is in anticipating and responding to the key social, spiritual and psychological questions of our time – and meeting a wide range of readers with intelligence, understanding and compassion. She has been a presenter of Mana retreats since 2001 and now offers two popular residential spiritual retreats there each year, one at Easter and one in Spring.

This event is presented by Mana and Auckland Interfaith: Spiritual Learning Community

For information about the day or the Spiritual Learning Community contact Hilary Star 09 846 9646 or email


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