Interfaith Event: Buddhist Christian Dialogue Seminar – Wollongong, NSW Australia


Buddhhist Christian Dialogue nov

Are you interested in Buddhism as a religion and see how it compares with others? Or are you interested in developing the skills to study and compare all religions?

‘Interfaith Seminar: Buddhist – Christian Dialogue’ on 18-22 November 2013 is an ideal study opportunity for anyone interested in the study of comparative religions. A combination of perspectives from humantities and the social sciences are applied to religious topics. The similarities and differences between religious belief systems, and the way in which religious choices affect society and individuals are examined.

Students will:

a) Learn about the basic doctrines of Buddhism and other religions;

b) Explore the cross-cultural philosophy of religion and religious pluralism;

c) Develop the dialogue between Buddhism and other religions on issues such as God, creation, the problem of evil, scriptures, liberation, ecology and more; and

d) Structure a research report using specific research questions, objectives and hypothesis.


1. Dr Douglas Golding has been involved with both media and the Christian church for many years, and his current post-doctoral studies concern the reporting of religion in the Australian media and their impact on public attitudes towards religion. His BA was in English language studies; his PhD was on the use of media in tourist marketing; and his recent Master’s degree involved comparative studies of Christian and other theologies.

Dr Golding worked in journalism and public relations, while a non-stipendiary minister in the Methodist and Anglican church. He has taught at six Australian universities, and continues to be active in adult education, giving a variety of courses in religion and the media.

After 23 years with St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane, he now worships and assists at St Mark’s Church, South Hurstville. He has also been an active member of the Multi-Faith Centre at Griffith University, Brisbane, and a regular participant in events at the Chung Tian and Nan Tien Buddhist Temples.

2. Venerable Dr Juewei is an active member of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist order. She has held many international positions within the order’s University Consortium and Temples, including University of the West and Hsi Lai Temple in California, USA, and Australia’s Nan Tien Temple. She is now a Lecturer and Executive Assistant at NTI.

Ven Dr Juewei holds a PhD in Religious Studies, and is heading a worldwide tour entitled ‘Buddha’s Birthday Education Project – Through These Doors: Connecting Past and Present, East and West’ based on her Dissertation. She also holds a Masters in Buddhist Studies from Tsung-Lin Buddhist College in Taiwan.

She regularly delivers public lectures on topics related to Buddhist festivals, Chinese Buddhist history and Buddhist art; conducts Dharma ritual services; and teaches Buddhist classes throughout the community. She has broad experience in interfaith activities, including organising Buddhist-Christian dialogues between Claremont School of Theology and University of the West involving class sessions and Temple tours; presenting in several interfaith sessions in Southern California and Chicago; and researching the conversations among religions and cultures for her dissertation.

Held at the Nan Tien Institute, Wollongong

  • Australian students (5 day intensive subject): $850.00
  • Buy Tickets – 02 4272 0618
  • Additional fees may apply

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