Interfaith Event: ‘Marriage: An Interfaith Symposium’ – Melbourne, Australia



Marriage: An Interfaith Symposium
Monday September 30 – Wednesday October 2, 2013
Thomas Carr Centre, 278 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne VIC 3002

The symposium will provide participants with knowledge and insight into how each religious tradition understands the institution of marriage, prepares for and celebrates weddings, and supports married couples through the many joys and difficulties of life.

The three day program will cover:
1.    The theology and Anthropology of Marriage
2.   Preparation for and Rituals of Marriage
3.    Contemporary Pastoral Issues surrounding Marriage

The program is hosted by the Ecumenical and Interfaith Commission of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne
In cooperation with:

  • Jewish Community Council of Victoria
  • Australian Catholic University Centre for Interreligious Dialogue
  • Victorian Council of Churches
  • Islamic Council of Victoria
  • Australian Intercultural Society
  • Buddhist Council of Victoria
  • Hindu Foundation of Victoria
  • Sikh Interfaith Council of Victoria Inc.
  • Faith Communities Council of Victoria

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