Interfaith Event: Group Visit & Sabbath Service, Emanuel Synagogue – Sydney, Australia


Emanuel Synagogue

Sabbath Service and Visit to Emanuel Synagogue in Sydney – Saturday, 25 May

The Uniting Church of Australia Synod Relations with Other Faiths Committee will visit the Emanuel Synagogue on Saturday, 25th May for a Sabbath service at 9.45am. This is an excellent opportunity to view and better understand Jewish worship and practice, much of which undergirds Christian practice. The group visit is coordinated by Rabbi Orna Triguboff, one of the team of rabbis at the Synagogue.

The Emanuel Synagogue was founded as a Progressive Synagogue in 1938. It is a pluralistic community, offering services, programs and activities that reflect their growth to include affiliation with both the Masorti and Renewal movements. The Synagogue draws on our ancestral teachings and traditions with contemporary understanding to create a dynamic and diverse community.

For details of this visit, please contact Rev John Queripel, Chairman of the NSW and ACT Synod Relations With Other Faiths Committee on Tel: 02 9130-3445.  The synagogue is located 7 Ocean St, Woollahra NSW 2025.

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