Interspiritual Event: World Festival of the Heart – Melbourne, Australia


World Festival of the HeartShri Chinmoi

So many truly remarkable things are happening in our world today across the entire spectrum of human endeavour but it is easy to lose sight of this fact when we wake each day to news of more outbreaks of war, civil unrest, economic challenges, natural disasters and loss of life counted in many hundreds and thousands. We seem to be living in times of great change and uncertainty, marked by substantial issues at both local and global levels and yet at the same time by amazing advances in science, technology, humanity and the arts.

Our vision for the World Festival of the Heartis to explore some of these developments in three program-packed days in Melbourne on 23, 24 and 25 November 2013. The Festival will bring together some of the foremost world figures in spirituality, the sciences and the arts, to celebrate their work and achievements in a spirit of oneness, openness and enquiry and to participate in their remarkable creativity.

Many forums have highlighted these current developments but we wanted to do something a little bit different . . . we don’t just want to talk about them, we want to experience them in as many ways as possible with the power of the heart.

Our aim is to create a program full of activities: workshops, music, dialogue, devotions, performance, concerts, an expo and a grand forum. Our hope is to transcend our everyday concerns for three days and explore new dimensions of living and wellbeing.

The program is designed for anyone who has a passion for life, the world and our future. We have chosen three major themes for the Festival to explore the interplay and convergence of these disciplines:

The Great Mystery: life, consciousness and the universe
The Universal Heart: recognising the oneness in diversity of all life
Creative Living: making right choices for a healthy, happy and harmonious life

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