Interfaith Event: ‘Dakini – Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacred Feminine’, India Jiva & Ayya Yeshe – Sydney, Australia


Dakini launch

Having survived a severe cyclone while on board The Pacific Jewel in the South Pacific,  Ron Regel returns on the weekend to join Vicki Hansen and Sr Yeshe in launching  ‘Dakini – Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacred Feminine’. ‘Dakini’ (Sanskrit), is the female embodiment of enlightened energy.

The album is a unique collaboration between world-renowned Indian fusion duo, IndiaJiva, with Ayya Yeshe Bodhicitta. Featuring the beautiful, rich voice of Ayya Yeshe, Dakini is a collection of ancient, time-honoured chants and mantras that strive towards the realisation of boundless compassion, loving kindness and unshakeable peace. Joining IndiaJiva at the Sydney launch will be Mongolian horse head fiddle player and throat singer Bukhchuluun Ganbargud (Bukhu), not just an extraordinary musician but a cultural ambassador of his country.

The evening is guaranteed to be an eclectic delight with the Mongolian horse fiddle meeting the Indian sitar, slide guitar and didgeridoo in a unique fusion of sounds and rhythms. Once again there will be the famous Tantric Turtle Chai Cafe serving delicious home-made cakes and yummy nibbles, inspiring film an opportunity for conversation and more.

This album launch will be another opportunity to help the Sister Yeshe’s work with the Bodhicitta Foundation, helping slum families in India. For more information go to

Purchase tickets online at  Tickets also available at the door.
Saturday, 9th March 2013
7pm for 7.30pm
Chapel by the Sea
95 Roscoe St, Bondi Beach
Tickets $15
Sunday March 3rd. 11.30am
Bamboo Buddha
221 Wattle St. Holgate (near Gosford/Ourimbah)
Tickets: $15
Blue Mountains
Sunday 10th March, 4pm
Kindle Hill School
8 Lake St. Wentworth Falls
Tickets: $15, kids under 12 free

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