Interfaith Event: Easter Retreat 2013 with Rev Dr Stephanie Dowrick – New Zealand

Stephanie Dowrick & Hilary Star at Mana RetreatSpiritual retreat in beautiful New Zealand? It’s time to book for Easter 2013 (Mar 28 – April 1) at Mana Retreat Centre, led by Reverend Dr Stephanie Dowrick with additional wonderful care and support offered by Reverend Hilary Star Mana Retreatwho leads the Auckland interfaith community. This 4-day retreat is always a highlight of the year for the retreat participants who return – or are there for the first time. To enquire or book, simply go to
Glorious in every way, Mana Retreat Centre is 2-3 hours south of Auckland. Transport is available by ferry or shuttle. Writer and interfaith minister Stephanie Dowrick has been leading spiritually inclusive retreats at Mana on a regular basis since 2001, and is also giving a “retreat in a day” in Auckland on 26 January. (Bookings again direct with Mana.)
Mana Retreat picThere is a link to some of Stephanie’s retreat talks, plus other talks or interviews to download as MP3 files and enjoy from:   You can also follow Mana, Auckland Interfaith and “Official Stephanie Dowrick” on Facebook.  And this link takes you to many beautiful images of Mana, including moving images with music.

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