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Welcome to Interfaithnet, the blog site established by a growing group of interfaith ministers and friends from all faith paths in the Asia Pacific region designed to share, nourish and inspire…

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  1. Dear Interfaithnet,

    Love your work and would like to talk to you about some collaborative projects. The Interfaith Observer (TIO) aims to cover interfaith culture everywhere, and we are missing almost everything going on the Asian Pacific region. Love to talk about how we might relate.

    For starters, it would be terrific to have a 1000 word piece on interfaith in the region. Would also welcome a piece on interfaith in New Zealand and/or Australia.

    TIO has covered interfaith seminaries and issues like interspirituality, but most of our writers come from the US and Canada. It would be particularly useful to get suggestions of interfaith activists who have important stories to tell about the Asia Pacific region.

    TIO is relatively weak in terms of announcing interfaith events; we focus mostly on news, organizations, history, grassroots activities, reviews of exemplary resources. By contrast, Interfaithnet seems particularly strong on events (and beautiful photos and quotes), without much reporting or editorial material. I have to believe that there are ways we might support each other. How about an Asia Pacific TIO with its own monthly Interfaithnet postpage but containing TIO’s content as well. We are already doing this in Canada. The state of Nevada here in the US will be getting its own TIO in Nevada edition. As this develops

    In peace,
    Paul Chaffee, Founder and Editor
    The Interfaith Observer (TIO)


    • Dear Paul, thanks for making contact and your kind comments. Yes, there seems to be plenty to talk about. We’ve deliberately stayed away from reporting or editorial material because it’s a specialist area and we haven’t had the people-resources – so we decided to do the things we could, exceedingly well and leave those areas to experts like you. We’ve very much appreciated TIO since we created Interfaithnet and check in with you regularly.

      I’ll email you to set up a call – yes, I think the day for skype is coming soon!

      peace to you


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